Machine translations by Deepl, 2 February 2015: 'Will parkers bully municipality of Amsterdam en masse?'

"A little civil disobedience is out of the question as a parker in Amsterdam since Cition and its scanning cars collar almost every miscreant. But oh *here you may start cheering* the judge ruled on Friday that scanning linked to a license plate is not allowed at all, if you don't want to. You still have to pay, but for the frustrated parker, here is the opportunity to bully back a bit. Of course, you would never do that, but still...

Parker strikes back
(...) Automatically, your license plate will be scanned and it will be determined whether you have neatly and sufficiently donated to the municipality of Amsterdam for parking your car. We should not want this, argues Bas Filippini of the Privacy First foundation. He is willing to pay, but not when his license plate is registered in the process. Last year, he decided to be bold and pay for his parking space, but did not enter his license plate number.

Of course, Cition came by and diagnosed the shortcoming, resulting in a fine. That was challenged by Filippini and the judge ruled in his favour last Friday because it could be established that payment had been made. Ergo: if you don't want to, you don't have to enter your license plate number and thus Cition's system goes to hell.

AT5 knows its citizens and headlined 'Judicial ruling bombshell under parking policy'? Because what if Amsterdam motorists now refuse en masse to stop entering their license plates? Mind you, you will still have to pay, but if you have principled objections that your license plate (and thus your location) can be scanned without question by Cition's we-sit-dry parking administrators, you won't have to pass on your license plate. And with that, the system that already brought in a record 166 million euros in 2013 is no longer as efficient and virtually worthless.

Cition itself says parkers won't really do that, as they are super happy with the system. They think (or hope?). In any case, the Citions are going to dive into the ruling, because there might be some room in there? They could also have listened to Filippini for a moment, as he has had a solution for a long time: if a number is now painted briefly on every parking space, motorists can enter it at the vending machine. Completely anonymous. (...)"

Source:, 2 February 2015.