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ANP, 12 January 2015: 'Lawsuit against storing private data in February'

"The lawsuit aimed at putting an end to the mass collection and storage of data on citizens' internet and telephony usage will be heard on 18 February. The lawyers who filed the summary proceedings announced this on Monday.

Among others, the Dutch Association of Journalists, the Dutch Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers and privacy advocate Privacy First are demanding that the Telecommunications Retention Obligation Act be set aside. Under the law, telecom companies and internet service providers must keep data on internet and telephony use for a time so that the Justice Department can use it.

The European Court of Justice ruled last year that storing communication data of anyone -without concrete suspicion- is a severe invasion of privacy and is not allowed."

Source: Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANP), 12 January 2015. Also published in De Stentor/Gelders Dagblad, Gooi- en Eemlander, Eindhovens Dagblad and Dagblad Tubantia/Twentsche Courant.