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AT5, 30 January 2015: 'All municipalities now have a problem with license plate parking'

Thanks to Bas Filippini of the Privacy First foundation, parkers no longer have to enter their license plates when paying.

Last year, Filippini received a fine because although he had paid at the vending machine, he refused to enter his license plate number. He has nothing to hide, but considers it more a matter of principle and also sees it as a violation of his privacy. 'Because if we start giving in to this, it will be the end. Then you'll soon end up at a government counter, and they'll all want different data from you, otherwise you won't get any more services from the government.'

Filippini argued to the judge that he had paid and did not want to enter a license plate. The judge ruled in his favour today. And surely Filippini sees this as a major breakthrough.'I am not the only one, all Amsterdam residents no longer have to pay fines they receive on the basis of an incorrect license plate. And throughout the Netherlands this now applies. So all municipalities have a problem for a while.'"


Source:, 30 January 2015.