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AT5, 31 January 2015: 'Court ruling a bomb under parking policy?'

Has a bomb been put under the municipality's parking policy? That is the question after a court ruling on Friday.

Then the court decided that parkers can no longer be required to enter their license plate number when they park their car anywhere. The case had been brought by Bas Filippini of the Privacy First foundation. Filippini received a fine from parking controller Cition a year ago. Although he had paid, he refused to enter his license plate number at the ticket machine for privacy reasons. The judge ruled in his favour; because he had already paid for parking, he did not have to pay the fine.

According to Filippini, the judge's ruling is a bar to parking by license plate, which makes the municipality a lot of money. This is because Cition's scan car, which checks the license plates of parked cars, can check three times as many cars in the same amount of time than an inspector on foot can. According to Barbara Verhallen of the Amsterdam municipality, Filippini is rejoicing too soon: 'We are studying the judge's ruling. It seems to be a confirmation of an earlier ruling'. (...) Verhallen is not afraid that Amsterdammers will now stop entering license plates en masse in order to put a bomb under the registration system. (...) The municipality is still considering a possible appeal against the judge's ruling."

Source:, 31 January 2015.