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AT5, 6 February 2015: 'Does license plate parking violate your privacy or not?'

License plate parking, everyone who moves around the city with a car has to deal with it. Some say it is a solution to those irritating parking tickets, but for others it is a violation of privacy. Privacy First Foundation last week won a court case against the municipality over the issue.

According to the court, parkers are allowed to choose whether to enter their license plate at the parking meter. To reinforce its point, Privacy First is now calling on all parkers in the city to civil disobedience by not entering their license plate. 'We now have a lot of opportunities with technology, but you have to let the principles apply to that. Sometimes you shouldn't do things even though they are technologically possible,' said Privacy First's Bas Filippini.

According to parking expert Wim van der Heide, the privacy of parkers is very important, but not so important as to just stop registering license plates. After all, license plate parking generates a lot of money for the municipality, which benefits everyone in the city. 'So what does the municipality do, it uses that to finance road safety, bicycle paths and also residents' parking garages.' According to Van der Heide, refusing license plate parking even makes the municipality watch you much more closely.

Still, according to Filippini, that should not be a reason not to protest against license plate parking. He himself has since started a new project. He hopes to go to court because he could not pay with cash at the parking machine."


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Source:, 6 February 2015.