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AT5, 8 May 2015: 'Privacy association threatens to file charges against Cition'

"Privacy advocacy group Privacy First wants parking operator Cition to make it possible again to pay with cash at parking meters. If the company fails to do so, Privacy First will file charges.

For the sake of privacy, it should be possible for everyone to pay with coins, the interest group believes. But to do so, Cition would have to convert the parking meters. So writes De Telegraaf.

'Even if someone refuses to enter their license plate number due to privacy concerns, they can still be identified through the bank transaction,' said Bas Filippini, chairman of Privacy First. According to Filippini, in addition to the right to anonymity in public spaces, the right to pay anonymously also applies. Privacy First previously hinted in front of our camera at a lawsuit to enable cash payments.

Filippini previously filed a successful lawsuit against Cition. This one concerned the compulsory entry of the license plate. The municipality could have unjustified access to the location where a car was parked. Filippini was vindicated and did not have to pay his fine.

Since July 2013, it has no longer been possible to pay in cash at parking meters. Since then, motorists have to enter their license plates at the parking meters."


Source:, 8 May 2015.