Machine translations by Deepl, 5 February 2015: 'Mass protest against license plate parking'

Privacy First Foundation calls on Amsterdam residents en masse to enter their license plates incorrectly at parking meters.

The collective civil disobedience should then cause the administrative costs for Cition to rise so high that they abolish 'license plate parking'. The Telegraph writes.

Last week, the court ruled again that Amsterdammers do not have to enter their license plate number at the vending machine, as long as you can prove that you have paid. This does involve some red tape.

License plate parking allows Cition to operate much more efficiently, especially with the deployment of scanning cars. But if Amsterdammers massively fail to provide their correct license plates, they are not in violation, but Cition's system may become unprofitable.

In addition, Privacy First wants a text on the parking machine saying that entering a license plate number is not mandatory."

Source:, 5 February 2015.