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AutoWeek, Nov 2, 2011: 'This way we can get used to the tracking box idea'

A hundred euros a month if you avoid rush hour.

Bas Filippini, chairman Privacy First Foundation:

"The government, in its uncontrolled urge for control, sees that you drive on a certain route several times during rush hour. Then you then get an unsolicited letter at home to join this project. Surely this is ridiculous! The government tracks you to death and, for a change, comes up with a 'positive incentive' to get you used to the tracking box idea. Of course, if you voluntarily join such a project, that's up to you, but what about lease drivers? They will soon already be forced to have a tracking box fitted, otherwise you won't be insured. For those drivers, there is nothing voluntary about it. Tracking devices in cars are a many-headed monster, they can be used for all sorts of things. For price incentives and road pricing, but above all you can use them to track everyone and attach many other functions to them. Don't forget that a lot of IT companies were already busy working on the boxes for road pricing. That won't happen for a while now, but the 'product manager of congestion boxes' has to get rid of his stuff anyway."

Luc Vranken, deputy editor-in-chief AutoWeek:

"(...) Bas of privacy is also right. I strongly believe in a double agenda of its creators. Just because they can. And because it is very tempting: as much control as possible. (...)"

Source: AutoWeek 44 - 2011, p. 3. (The entire article is unfortunately not online. A copy of it can be sent to you by Privacy First free of charge upon request).