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Become Part of the Solution

Privacy is receiving increasing attention in the Netherlands. Privacy First welcomes this enthusiasm wholeheartedly. Many people and companies have innovative ideas on how to better protect their customers' privacy, organise chain responsibility or simplify access and change procedures.

Privacy First, through Solutions, wants to provide a platform for all these innovative ideas and ensure that they can flourish and companies can learn from each other. Therefore, we call on people with creative and innovative plans, experiences or ideas to become Part of the Solution.

As a company, you can become Part of the Solution in several ways. You can promote a working privacy-friendly practice and set an example. You can do this on our website and at the various events we organise for this purpose. Also, if you would like to operate in a more privacy-friendly way but are not sure exactly how to do so, Privacy First offers the space to do so.

Through the Part of the Solution network, you can submit your questions to other Partners and think together about privacy-friendly alternatives. The aim is that with the network, we act together to innovate privacy-friendly Netherlands. Would you like to become Part of the Solution? Then contact Martijn van der Veen, project leader of Privacy First Solutions.

Even if you have a personal fondness for privacy, you can become Part of the Solution. You can share your suggestions for privacy-friendly innovation in the network or become active for Privacy First as a volunteer. There are various possibilities for this, for example you can (co-)organise an event or start a new project that fits within the objective of Privacy First. We are also open to other ways to actively contribute to Privacy First; please contact us.