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BNR News Radio, 1 Aug 2012: interview with Privacy First on camera system @migo-Boras

In late 2011, there was a media fuss about the introduction of a draconian camera system along the Dutch national borders. This camera system called @migo-Boras was already in (secret) development since 2004/2005: the heyday of the international "War on Terror". Read more about the camera system HERE. Under pressure from Germany, the Dutch government in early 2012 had to still text and explanation on the system give to the European Commission in Brussels; see also this fact sheet. Recently, the European Commission (after superficial investigation) green lighted for the operationalisation of a slimmed-down "light-version" of @migo-Boras. However, contrary to reports in the Dutch media, it has not been green-lighted by the European Court of Justice: this court approved recently only approved the already existing Mobile Security Supervision of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee on Dutch border roads. The Court has not ruled on @migo-Boras; it will do so as soon as a Dutch court submits a so-called 'preliminary question' to the Court about it, or as soon as the Netherlands is brought before the Court.

On 1 August 2012, @migo-Boras officially went live. In the radio programme BNR News Update Vincent Böhre of Privacy First was asked for a comment. You can listen to the entire excerpt below: