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BNR News Radio, 13 July 2012: interview with Privacy First on "digital pillory"

On the last day before the summer recess (13 July 2012) the council of ministers agreed with a bill by State Secretary Teeven (Security & Justice) to allow faster disclosure of private surveillance camera footage from now on. In the programme Legal Affairs (BNR Nieuwsradio), Privacy First Foundation chairman Bas Filippini was asked for a comment. In principle, Privacy First has a negative attitude towards publishing images from surveillance cameras, unless there is a reasonable suspicion of a serious crime, for example an armed robbery where the perpetrators are on full display. However, it is not up to the citizen himself, but to the public prosecutor to determine whether images of such a crime may be published. This should be strictly tested against the principles of necessity, proportionality and subsidiarity. Listen to the full interview with Bas Filippini below:

You can read BNR's spin on this HERE read.