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BNR News Radio, 19 October 2018: 'A biometric time clock. Is that even allowed?'

"Despite the introduction of the new European privacy law, a number of companies in the Netherlands such as Dirk van den Broek continue to use time clocks that work with fingerprints, writes the FD. 'A time clock is only allowed in exceptional cases', says Vincent Böhre, director of Privacy First. 'And it is not in this case'.

As a company, when are you allowed to use biometric technology and when are you not? 'That depends on the situation. Under the AVG, there really has to be a need for security or authentication'. Think of a nuclear power plant, prison, Schiphol Airport or the Port of Rotterdam. According to Böhre, there is no need at an average supermarket or car garage, unless there is large-scale fraud or theft. After all, biometric data are highly sensitive personal data: 'Once you lose a fingerprint, you can do other things with it'. Böhre would not be surprised if the Personal Data Authority soon receives the first complaints about it.

Camera surveillance in the workplace is also not allowed, as is monitoring employees' email behaviour. There is also growing opposition to driver tracking."

Source:, 19 October 2018. Listen to the entire interview below: