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BNR News Radio, 24 Oct 2013: interview with Privacy First on large-scale eavesdropping by NSA

Following the draconian eavesdropping practices by the US NSA, listeners on BNR Nieuwsradio this morning could respond to the following statement: "I always keep in mind that I am bugged," he says. Many listeners (60%) appeared to agree. This is extremely worrying because it shows that mass eavesdropping is disastrous for a free country like the Netherlands. After all, it leads to self-censorship among people and a "chilling effect" (rigidity, chilling) in society. This endangers the free development of individuals as well as our democratic society as a whole. The NSA may like to behave like Big Brother, but that does not mean we, as free citizens, have to become anxious "Big Brothers of ourselves"... Listen to the whole excerpt at BNR