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Building the Big Brother networks

The meters, grids and networks for a Big Brother society are not developed or placed by one organisation.

It is the economic impetus that inadvertently builds all the ingredients needed for a centrally controlled electronic society.

Here is an example of the way the thought processes run. When found, more will be added.

It is good practice to know the way the winds blow and heed them.


As soon as someone shouts that you should give up your right to self-determination "for your own good", all alarm bells should go off.

"We are here for your own good", "we work for your security" and the like and then immediately erase YOUR privacy completely is the primary characteristic of Big Brother.

In the European Union, there is a research programme called the 7th Framework Programme ("FP7", 7th Framework Programme - FP7). This is where €51 billion goes.

It is a wonderful research programme that also includes pro-privacy programmes such as PrimeLife fall under.

But work is also being done to death on Big Brother-like grids like INDECT, a monitoring system for all online traffic. Even the European Parliament is now noticed That something is going on.

In November 2010, insufficiently censored documents released by the Home Office revealed that in addition to phone data, they now want to pool and be able to search all citizens' bank details, following the same principle that had already been used for phone data. Click HERE for further information on that.

The crux of the objections to Big Brother-like states of affairs is that one has to conform completely to certain standards imposed on citizens (not themselves!) by strangers and then judged along mostly hazy criteria, so that no one can be themselves anymore but everyone has to fit into a mould determined by the ruler(s). See, for example, Mao's reign of terror with the Red Booklet, the Cultural Revolution and the Mao uniform. Whether the film "Das Leben der Anderen". That way, as a ruler, you can immediately see who is trying to get out from under your power. There are others who articulate this, in more politically correct terms. See, for example, the article in The Telegraph, 19 September 2009, "EU funding 'Orwellian' artificial intelligence plan to monitor public for 'abnormal behaviour'". Download pdf here .


Trilliant's area networks from houses to energy producer, download the pdf White paper here .

Trilliant is a big player in the smart grid business in the USA.