Machine translations by Deepl (Belgium), 4 April 2015: 'Trajectory checks are illegal'

Chairman Bas Filippini of the Dutch organisation Privacy First has provoked a lawsuit against the Dutch state. RTL News reports. Filippini wants the route controls to disappear. The reason: the cameras do not just film who is speeding.

"I would like to hear from the judge how far we should continue with this madness in the Netherlands to film and record every bit of public space in the Netherlands," Filippini said. He has challenged the state on privacy issues before. And won. For instance, he managed to get a judge to stop someone from entering their license plate number when parking.

His lawyer Benito Boer thinks he has a good chance again. The cameras over the highway infringe on the privacy of Dutch citizens, is the argument. The legal basis to justify this is not there.

2 new ones in Belgium

From next year, two new routes with section controls will be added in our country. These are route controls on the E40 between Sint-Stevens-Woluwe and Heverlee, and on the E313 between Antwerp East and Ranst. Flemish Mobility Minister Ben Weyts announced this on Friday.

"Route control works. The system ensures lasting positive effects on driving behaviour, fewer accidents and greater road safety," Weyts said. Among other things, he refers to the section on the E40 between Erpe-Mere and Wetteren, where there has not been a single traffic casualty since the introduction of section control. The number of accidents there fell by 43 per cent. (...)"

Source:, 4 April 2015.