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EenVandaag, 26 Sept 2013: concerns over privacy AH Bonus card

As with the "Anonymous" public transport chip card the privacy of Albert Heijn's Bonus Card also turns out to be as leaky as a sieve: just type the number of someone's "anonymous" Bonus Card on the internet and presto, that person's entire buying behaviour appears on your screen. Without that person knowing about it (no notification of any kind) and without that person being able to do anything about it (no password protection either). This constitutes a flagrant violation of the right to privacy. After all, every consumer has the right to keep his or her buying behaviour anonymous and shielded from the outside world. After all, a person's buying behaviour can reveal all kinds of sensitive private information... It is therefore up to Albert Heijn to still make the Bonus card privacy-friendly. So the Consumers' Association today pulled legitimate concerns, supported in this by Privacy First. Watch the broadcast of EenVandaag containing a response from Privacy First chairman Bas Filippini. Albert Heijn may like to keep "watching the little things", but that doesn't mean it has to take its own customers' privacy on a bargain!

Update 9 October 2013: Also read the article today in the Algemeen Dagblad, 'Albert Heijn under fire for revamped bonus card'.