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Provincial elections: vote for your privacy!

The Provincial Council elections will take place this Wednesday. Along with the Privacy Barometer Privacy First is happy to help you get started in making your choice of a privacy-friendly party.

Did you recently have to give up your fingerprints against your will for a new passport or ID card? Or will you soon face that obligation? View HERE Which political parties are responsible for this.

Does it bother you that all your phone and internet traffic is stored for tracking purposes? View HERE which political parties have no problem with that.

Do you find it nonsense that you have to go through a body scan at Schiphol Airport? See HERE Which political parties agree with you.

Do you object to your children being digitally mapped from an early age? View HERE Which political parties share your views.

And so there are countless more topics... The whole laundry list with associated political relationships can be found HERE.

Do you also object to the identification requirement when voting? If so, do not forget while voting protest to be recorded. Your polling station is required to record such protest in writing, and every vote counts

Privacy First wishes you a privacy-enhancing election day!