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Algemeen Dagblad, 30 July 2015: 'Removing speed camera signs violates law'

"The prosecution's intention to remove warning signs for speed checks is against the law. So argues privacy watchdog Privacy First. "Secret camera surveillance is prohibited in the Netherlands."

The OM wants to get rid of the so-called motto signs at the roadside, which indicate where speed checks are carried out. In 2014, the OM therefore offered the signs to road managers such as municipalities and provinces. But hardly anyone wanted them. Only 207 of the 1157 signs placed remain."

Source: Algemeen Dagblad 30 July 2015, p. 12. Also published in AD/De Dordtenaar, AD/Green Hart, AD/Rotterdams Dagblad, AD/Haagsche Courant, AD/Utrechts Nieuwsblad, AD/Rivierenland & AD/Amersfoortse Courant.