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Harrowing example of identity theft

In practice, it appears that the government refuses, or is more kindly unable, to correct erroneous private data (information about a person's identity) in its databases. Even after the court and police commissioner had ordered and approved it to do so, respectively.

Click HERE for Rudie Kagie's article in Vrij Nederland about the decent businessman, Mr Kowsoleaa, who has suffered severe identity theft by a recognised junkie for 15 years without the government wanting to correct it.
Click HERE for the VPRO Tegenlicht broadcast where this case was discussed ("What about privacy? "dated 27 October 2010).
The situation has now become the upside-down world. The police record shows Mr Kowsoleaa committing crimes under false names, as if he were a Dr Jekyll and Mr Kowsoleaa. Hyde would be!

Who still believes in the lie "Those with nothing to hide have nothing to fear?" Unfortunately most of the Netherlands that has been lulled to sleep by propaganda. 
We challenge any investigative journalist to uncover the real (personal) motives behind wanting to put everyone just into central government databases with all private data without adequate safeguards built around it. It is not for nothing that, for example, doctors and nurses in hospitals themselves do not enter the central electronic medical files of the government they want to end up having to keep from patients.
From the Fair Information Principles (FIPs) the high-ups don't seem to care.