Machine translations by Deepl, Nov 16, 2011: 'Lower house wants EPD restart'

"In April 2011, the Senate stopped the introduction of the Electronic Patient Record (EHR) because of insecurity and privacy risks. Many people breathed a sigh of relief. On 15 November, the House of Representatives passed the Mulder motion, in which VVD, CDA and PvdA ask the government to still introduce the EPD. This is a bad plan.
For the Civil Rights Protection Platform and the Humanist Alliance, it is clear. No relaunch of the national SPD. The only option is an SPD that guarantees privacy, security and transparency for citizens from the start. Privacy First, a very active organisation in the Civil Rights Protection Platform, is also concerned about the "democratic content of this Frankenstein manoeuvre". For the motion was passed without parliamentary debate beforehand and without explanations of vote from individual parties.

Fortunately, a meaningful middle sentence was added to the troubling motion at the very last minute. The adopted motion asked "the government to call on relevant organisations - including patient organisations, client organisations and privacy experts - to ensure that the electronic health record still gets off the ground". That is already a start.

Now it is the minister's job to resolve the conflict between the Senate and House of Representatives."

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