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Is wireless the new tobacco?

It is a well established principle of justice that a company selling a consumer product ought to take proper care for the health of the user of that product, even on a basis of "could have known". Cell phone companies certainly have not shown much care for the health of their buyers. Just like tobacco companies have funded pseudo-scientific research that proved that smoking was not related to any health hazards, likewise the phone companies have produced reports that radiation from cell phones was not harmful. They were referring to the same kind of radiation that is 'cooking' your ear when you make a call of, say, five minutes.

Because one cannot feel what is happening to your brain (no pain signals), one does not feel what happens to it. Your ear is cooked and so is the brain. The uninformed consumer did not notice anything so 'it did not exist' and the phone companies could easily say that nothing was the matter. This lie has now been exposed scientifically.

When a link between cell phone radiation and brain tumours can be established before a court of law, and the court adjudicates that the precedent (leading case) of tobacco is equally valid for phone companies, then an avalanche of lawsuits can be expected. And then, and maybe even now, you better sell your phone company stock fast.

We are in for some interesting times! In the meantime, just to be on the safe side of things, use your wired earplugs.

cellphone tumoursfigure5


motorola-v195-g-largest-radiationTo the left we see Motorola v195-g cellular phone. This telephone emitted the largest amount of electromagnetic radiation of all tested cell-phones in the USA in 2009.