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Kidsweek, 21 March 2013: 'Concerns over flying spies'

You have probably never seen them flying, but maybe they have seen you: small planes with cameras. The police are increasingly using these drones to keep an eye on things, it was revealed this week. Not everyone is happy about that.

With a remote-controlled plane with a camera attached, you can see a lot from the air. Useful for the police. It allows them to chase criminals on the run, for instance. Cops are therefore increasingly sending such a plane into the air. In recent years, this happened dozens of times. Exactly how many times is not known. Nor is it clear when the police are allowed to use such a plane and what they do with the camera images. Some people worry about this. 'You should not be spied on just like that, because everyone has a right to privacy,' says Vincent Böhre, of the Privacy First foundation. 'The cameras on such planes are very good. You can really keep an eye on someone from high in the sky with them. I don't think the police should just be allowed to do that.' Some members of the Lower House also questioned the use of the spy planes. They have asked Minister Opstelten, who deals with the police, questions about this. Moreover, they want to know whether the drones are safe. Already five times there were problems landing them. Soon someone will get one of those things on his head! Fortunately, that has never happened. But still: more planes in the air also means more risk of accidents. So there should be good rules for that too, the concerned politicians think."

Source: Kidsweek (children's newspaper), week 12 - 2013, front page.