Machine translations by Deepl, 25 Feb 2014: 'Retention requirement only good for government collection frenzy'

"(...) Since the end of 2009, the Telecommunications Data Retention Act (WBT) has been in force in the Netherlands. This law obliges internet and telephony providers to store and retain data about their customers' communication behaviour, so that retrieval by governments becomes possible. BIT already opposed this plan at the time, as did several privacy and civil rights advocates such as Bits of Freedom and Privacy First (...). Although - compared to the number of requests at a consumer provider - the number of requests at a business ISP like BIT is relatively low, the ISP is highly critical of this law that will require the storage of such data and enable its retrieval. This law will soon be evaluated in the House of Representatives. (...)"

Source:, 25 February 2014.