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Metro, 17 Dec 2013: 'Pilots of banned drone flights will not be punished'

Much commotion in Wassenaar over a drone flight. There does appear to be more flying without permission.

There appear to have been thousands of illegal flights by unmanned aerial vehicles and helicopters, so-called drones, this year. Enforcement in this area is completely worthless (...).

(...) Enforcement hardly takes place. So far, 17 official reports have been issued which the courts have yet to consider. Actual fines or other penalties have yet to be issued.

Quote magazine drew the ire of Wassenaar residents by taking aerial photos with a drone. There is a no-fly zone there because King Willem-Alexander lives there (...).


Ban demanded

The Privacy First foundation demands a ban on drones. "Until it is democratically decided what is and is not allowed. Now it is a jungle. There is flying in a legal vacuum," said Vincent Böhre of the foundation.

The foundation wants more resources to punish illegal flights. "If it requires a waiver, check whether it is there. It is now commonplace for it to be flown.''

Source: Metro, 17 December 2013, p. 5. Also available online.