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Metro, 20 November 2015: 'Anonymous parking in Rotterdam should be possible again'

"If it is up to the VVD and Party for the Animals, motorists in Rotterdam should be able to park anonymously again. The two parties are asking the city council to make this possible. Now, the license plate number is always linked to payment.

In written questions, the two parties point out that due to a recent court ruling, the mandatory transmission of license plates is under fire. The organisation Privacy First also advocates the voluntary entry of license plates as proof of paid parking. The VVD and Party for the Animals further want to know from the city council what it does with the license plate data.

Should the court's ruling indeed result in a license plate not always having to be entered, Rotterdam will be stuck with an unnecessary license plate scanning van. A parking attendant will then have to go back to checking whether there is a receipt behind the window."

Source:, 20 November 2015.