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Metro, 21 July 2011: 'Mobile finger scan for foreigners'

"Police run trial of mobile fingerprint scanning designed to identify illegal aliens

Is that allowed just like that?

Six questions

1 What is the case?

The police have recently been running a trial with 125 mobile finger scanners. With these, officers can take a fingerprint on the spot and check whether someone is legally residing in the Netherlands. (...) The Ministry of Security and Justice is considering using the finger scanners more widely after the trial period, for example to check whether someone still has an outstanding fine.

News of mobile fingerprint scanners in the police garnered criticism.

D66 MP Gerard Schouw asked parliamentary questions. He wants to know which law allows fingerprinting on the street, and whether the practice does not violate privacy laws.

Schouw also doubts that the data will be destroyed after recording.

Privacy First Foundation, which fights to preserve and promote the right to privacy , called fingerprinting on the streets shocking. It would violate privacy laws."

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