Machine translations by Deepl, 7 November 2014: 'Amsterdam in court over license plate parking'

"The Privacy First foundation has taken the municipality of Amsterdam to court over its parking policy. The license plate parking that has been introduced violates the right to privacy, according to the foundation.

Chairman Bas Filippini agitates against the compulsory registration of license plates and the lack of anonymous payment options. "Both aspects violate the right to privacy due to lack of necessity and proportionality," Filippini argues. "Moreover, a privacy-friendly alternative is lacking."

The reason for the lawsuit, which will be heard at the Amsterdam court on Tuesday, is a parking fine Filippini received for not entering his license plate number in a parking meter. He refused to do so. ''After all, every free citizen has the right to privacy in the sense of anonymity in public spaces, even when parking somewhere. This right is protected by Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights."

More and more Dutch municipalities are introducing license plate parking."

Source:!cyzcalcZVX9p6/, 7 November 2014.