Machine translations by Deepl, 28 Aug 2013: 'D66 expresses concerns about privacy and parking in Woerden'

D66 Woerden questions the way privacy is ensured when parking by license plate in Woerden.

The group of D66 Woerden has asked questions to the Municipal Executive about how privacy is ensured when parking. The new parking meters in the city require the car's license plate number to be entered when buying a parking ticket. Those license plates are stored. It was recently revealed that those files have been requested by the tax authorities to carry out checks on the use of leased cars.

D66 Woerden questions this practice. Spokeswoman Barbara Romijn-Ansink: "We understand that the license plates must be kept, for instance in case an objection is made. But it cannot be the intention that this is used by other bodies such as the tax authorities." It is not yet clear whether Parkeerservice, which implements the parking policy in Woerden, has received a request for data from the tax authorities. D66 Woerden is also asking about that. Barbara Romijn-Ansink: "We want absolute clarity on that."

Finally, the D66 group also asks whether more privacy cannot be ensured when keying in the PIN. The group received complaints from several quarters from people who are bothered that there is no shielding around the keyboard.

Say no to license plate parking. Privacy First collects objections.”

Source:, 28 August 2013.