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New Amsterdams Peil, 19 Jan 2011: 'Finger scan to sport'

"Access with an index finger. In more and more Dutch sports centres, you can only enter if you have your finger scanned first. "Nice and easy because you can never forget your pass again," users think. But experts say the risks are incalculable. (...) Vincent Böhre of the organisation Privacy First does worry. "Once your fingerprint is stolen, you're screwed your whole life. You can't have a fingerprint blocked." Especially a place like the [University Sports Centre], where many students come, could be of interest to someone who wants harm, according to Böhre. "People who play sports there relatively often end up in high positions in society later on," he says. He outlines the scenario of a student who comes to work at a military base in the future. "If his fingerprint is then stolen, that could be dangerous." Böhre thinks too little thought is given to the possible consequences of such a system. (...) Privacy First finds it ridiculous that a sports club more or less forces people to give up body characteristics. "That touches on your personal integrity."

Read HERE the entire article in New Amsterdam's Peil.