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No nude scanners on the streets!

Amsterdam police consider introducing mobile X-ray body scanners on the streets, so reports television channel AT5 today. Should the police indeed want to proceed with the introduction of 'nude scanners', the Privacy First Foundation will not hesitate to personally take both the Amsterdam police force and the responsible mayor Van der Laan to court for violating 1) human dignity, 2) the presumption of innocence, 3) privacy, 4) freedom of movement, 5) physical integrity and 6) the health of all Amsterdam citizens. Indeed, the introduction of mobile X-ray scanners actively endangers both the privacy and health of innocent citizens.

Privacy First hereby makes an urgent call for political action: this Thursday's topic of preventive searches On the agenda of the Amsterdam city council. It is primarily up to the city council to blow the whistle back on the Amsterdam police and ban the introduction of nude scanners. If the city council fails to do so, Privacy First reserves the right to take all necessary measures to prevent the introduction of nude scanners.

Update 7pm: listen HERE To Privacy First's reaction on FunX Radio.

Update 29 June 2012: There is no question of introducing mobile body scanners for the time being. Mayor Van der Laan, however, is still investigating the matter. The subject is not expected to return to the Amsterdam city council's agenda until early 2013. The debate on preventive body searches (and possible introduction of body scanners) that took place yesterday in the Amsterdam council committee of General Affairs can be viewed at HERE revisit (from 233m40s).