Machine translations by Deepl, 20 March 2013: 'Chamber to record license plates'

"The Lower House wants to expand the system where cameras capture and store license plates of cars in traffic. VVD, PvdA, PVV and CDA support plans for this by Justice Minister Opstelten.

The number plates scanned by cameras in traffic for checks will soon be allowed to be stored for four weeks. The photos are not stored now if no traffic offence has been committed. Police can use that data to solve crimes. They can be used as evidence to prosecute and try criminals.


SP and D66 oppose, saying the measure goes too far. According to SP MP Gesthuizen, citizens' privacy must give way to tackling crime and innocent people could suffer as a result. "Big Brother is watching you. Innocent citizens are being watched 24 hours a day by the government and that is a bad thing," D66 MP Schouw also thinks.

But according to PvdA MP Recourt, the advantages certainly outweigh the disadvantages. "As soon as you can prove that someone's car was driving somewhere at a time when, for example, a robbery took place in the neighbourhood, it is nice that you have and can use this means of proof," Recourt said.


VVD MP van der Steur stressed that this way you could not only track down criminals, but also get in touch with witnesses who might have seen something suspicious.

The Council of State and the Privacy First Foundation previously spoke out against Opstelten's plans."

Source:, 20 March 2013.