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Novum, 17 Oct 2013: 'Fingerprint passport database is illegal'

Storing fingerprints in a central database violates European rules. The European Court of Justice ruled that on Thursday. Storing fingerprint data on the identity card itself is allowed. Admittedly, this is an invasion of privacy, but the purpose - preventing fraud - is more important.

In the Netherlands, identity cards and passports have been fingerprinted with the holder's fingerprints since 2009. Until 2011, those data were also stored centrally. Since then, fingerprints are only stored on the identity card or passport itself. The previously centrally stored data have been destroyed.

The Privacy First foundation is happy with the court's ruling and sees it as support for the foundation's passport lawsuit. They believe the Passport Act violates the right to privacy because the central database is still in the law.

Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk (PvdA) is working on an amendment to the law, which would also allow principled refusers to get an identity card without having to give up their fingerprint. For passports, however, the fingerprint will still be required."