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Support The Privacy Collective's case against massive data trading now!

In August 2020, The Privacy Collective Foundation launched a lawsuit against Oracle and Salesforce. Privacy First was one of the first organisations to support this case and is now calling on its supporters to do the same. This way, illegal data trading can be tackled.

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What exactly is going on?

Too few Dutch people know about the behind-the-scenes trafficking of their data by Oracle and Salesforce, two major US tech companies. These two companies collect and analyse huge amounts of citizens' data and turn it into personal profiles.

Those profiles are traded through real-time bidding systems, abbreviated RTB. These are online auctions where personal data is traded day and night. Every time you visit a website with advertising space, an auction takes place in the background in a millisecond. Advertisers who want to sell you a product or service bid on your profile.

The profiles created for advertisers are vastly expanded. Recently reported Irish privacy group ICCL on this: even private information about illnesses, depression and political affiliations is included in such profiles.

What can we do?

Simple: this kind of profiling is prohibited by law in the Netherlands. The Personal Data Authority must enforce this law, but their time and budget are limited. Foundation The Privacy Collective has therefore filed a case in which she seeks damages in court. The sums involved are hefty: EUR 1,100 per Dutch citizen whose data was processed by Oracle and Salesforce.

Privacy First supports this case because it can be used to make a fist against these practices. The Privacy Collective Foundation also needs your support: the more people who support this case, the more likely it will be won.

Your support is used to show to the judge That this case enjoys broad support. We will keep you updated on the next steps!