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NRC Handelsblad, 5 Sept 2013: 'Ombudsman: solution needed for fingerprinting'

"Interior Minister Plasterk must find a solution for people who refuse to have their fingerprints stored on their passports. National Ombudsman Alex Brenninkmeijer Plasterk sent a letter yesterday calling on the minister to make a temporary provision for people who do not want to give up their biometric data when applying for a new passport or identity card. "This group of 'undocumented' people are often unable to perform the most simple actions," the Ombudsman writes: "Opening a bank account, travelling, voting or picking up postal packages." According to Vincent Böhre of Foundation involves several thousand Dutch citizens. For years, lawsuits between citizens and the state have been pending over the storage of fingerprints. The Ombudsman "does not consider it proper to leave these principled refusers out in the cold, pending a court ruling," Brenninkmeijer writes."

Source: NRC Handelsblad, 5 September 2013.
Click HEREpdf for the entire letter (pdf) from the national Ombudsman. Courtesy of Civil Rights Association Freebit.