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NRC Next, 13 May 2015: 'Route control on A2 is indeed lawful'

"The section control system on the A2 is lawful and does not violate the privacy of motorists. That is what the subdistrict court in Utrecht ruled yesterday. Chairman Bas Filippini of the Privacy First foundation had provoked a ruling by failing to pay a speeding fine and thus taking it to court. He was fined 45 euros in 2012 for driving an average of 8 kilometres per hour too fast. He appealed the fine in order to protest against the section control that had measured his speed. Filippini said the 150 to 200 cameras set up along the A2 violate the privacy of innocent motorists because the registration number of each car is kept for 72 hours. Because the data of non-offenders is deleted within 72 hours, the judge said there is only "a minor invasion of privacy."

Source: NRC Next 13 May 2015.