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NRC Next, 7 Dec 2010: 'Hands off fingerprint; you don't just store it'

"Since 21 September 2009, the Dutch government has defied the fundamental rights of all citizens aged 12 and above by storing their fingerprints, in combination with a biometric facial scan, when applying for a new passport. Four fingerprints are compulsorily stored in the municipal travel documents administration, pending a possible central database. Two of those prints, according to a European rule, are processed on the chip in the requested passport or identity card. Is that allowed?

Government party VVD is "highly critical" of combined storage. Minister Donner (home affairs, CDA) will not take any irreversible steps until February, he told the House last week. Last week, the process of Stichting Privacy First and 21 co-plaintiffs against the Passport Act. (...)"

Read HERE The entire article by Robin Caron in NRC Next.