Machine translations by Deepl, 19 January 2016: 'Doctors plead for delay in electronic patient record'

"Postpone the electronic patient record because it is not yet feasible. So says doctors' union KNMG on Tuesday, on the day the Senate debates the plans.

The proposal states that patients should be able to specify who can see what information about them. "These requirements are currently not feasible," the KNMG said.

The general practitioners' association (LHV) had also called for a delay last week. The two organisations want research to be carried out first on whether determining who can see what will affect 'healthcare practice'.

This should become clear during 2017. Only then should the Senate consider the proposal, doctors and GPs believe.


Also, the grouping Privacy First sees nothing in the plans. Indeed, until such time as targeted consent is possible, the minister wants people to give general consent, i.e. every healthcare provider to have access to all medical data.

Unacceptable, Privacy First believes. Therefore, the Senate should amend or postpone the law.


Source:, 19 January 2016 (via ANP). Also published at,,,ëntendossier-is-nog-niet-haalbaar-1.5641229,,,, etc.