Machine translations by Deepl, 3 April 2014: 'Police storage of licence plate camera images a step closer'

It is likely that from early 2015, everyone who drives their car past a police camera will have their license plate data stored and kept for four weeks.

During this period, the police may access and use the data if necessary for a crime investigation. Currently, this kind of data is not stored.

A majority of the House of Representatives seemed to back a bill on this by Minister Ivo Opstelten (Security and Justice) on Thursday.

At least VVD, PVV, CDA, SGP and MP Bontes are in favour. The Labour Party and the Christian Union are also not against the law, but they await further answers from the minister. D66's support is not yet certain and the SP is outright against it.

The hundreds of cameras along the roads already automatically record car registration plates, including for traffic violations. They also allow police to immediately arrest vehicles they are looking for or whose owners have outstanding fines. What is new is that all license plate data will now be stored daily in a database.


Privacy First opposes the bill and will sue the State if the Lower and Upper Houses pass it. According to the advocacy organisation, the law violates the right to privacy and therefore violates the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Chamber also calls it a heavy tool, but is nevertheless convinced of its usefulness. (...) The debate will continue soon."

Source:, 3 April 2014.