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Parool, 12 Sept 2011: 'Number plate scan not for detection'

"The Privacy First foundation is starting a lawsuit against the municipality to prevent the use of number plate recognition to track suspects.

Last week, it was announced that the Amsterdam police may use camera images taken from number plates on access roads to fine polluting trucks to track down suspects.

Bas Filippini, founder and chairman of Privacy First, speaks of another monkey out of Opstelten's top hat. According to him, the justice minister is the evil genius behind numerous privacy-restricting measures. "Rotterdam has become a camera paradise during his time as mayor," he says.

The same fate is looming for Amsterdam, Filippini believes. With lawyer friends, his foundation is preparing a lawsuit against the municipality, as it did earlier when a new passport was introduced. Filippini: "Presumably we will have to go through to the European Court now too, but we will do that."

Mayor Van der Laan's spokesman informed that the use of the images complied with the guidelines of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. "That others follow that critically is fine."

Source: Parool, 12 September 2011, Amsterdam p. 15.