Machine translations by Deepl, 8 May 2015: 'Privacy organisation demands cash payments at Cition'

"Privacy First wants the Amsterdam parking manager Cition to have the parking meters rebuilt so that cash can be used to pay again. If this does not happen, a trip to court will follow.

So says the president of the privacy advocacy group Bas Filippini today in the Telegraaf. He believes parkers have a right to anonymity in public spaces. Because Cition has removed the option of paying in cash, it is impossible to pay anonymously.

Privacy First previously won a court case against Cition over the mandatory entry of license plates in parking meters. The court ruled then that even a parking ticket without a valid license plate is a legal means of payment. This meant that the way Cition controls paid parking was called into question: scanning license plates and issuing fines based on them is no longer foolproof."

Source:, 8 May 2015.