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The Press, 21 July 2011: 'Resistance to fingerprinting on the streets'

"The trial in which officers will take fingerprints on the street is meeting with protests. 'You fingerprint suspects at the police station. Not on ordinary citizens on the street,' says civil rights organisation Privacy First about the trial in which 125 police officers will take fingerprints via a mobile device. This is done if there is suspicion that someone is in the Netherlands illegally and does not have proof of identity. Privacy First: 'Besides violation, this works arbitrariness, discrimination and ethnic profiling in hand. D66 wants 'clarification' from minister Ivo Opstelten about the trial. D66 MP Gerard Schouw wonders 'under which law this is possible'. Among other things, D66 also wants to know what happens to the prints after inspection."

Read HERE The article in The Press online (p. 2).