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The Press, 28 April 2011: 'Olé! Fingerprint storage is passé'

"Fingerprint: Donner draws a line under fingerprint database". Everyone is happy.

'A joyful day,' according to PvdA MP Pierre Heijnen. 'Compliments to the minister,' said VVD MP Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert. Privacy watchdogs such as the Data Protection Board and Privacy First reacted elatedly to Interior Minister Donner's decision to draw a line under the storage of fingerprints in a database. Since September 2009, the new passport law has been in force, requiring citizens to have fingerprints taken when applying for a passport or identity card. Those fingerprints would eventually be stored in a central database that could potentially also be used for investigative purposes. Under heavy social and political pressure, Donner has now decided to abandon such storage. According to Donner, mainly because of technical reasons. 'When the passport law was accepted, it was thought that the technology should improve, that did not happen.' The fingerprints of five million Dutch citizens collected in municipalities' databases since September 2009 will be destroyed. An identity card will no longer require fingerprints in future. From now on, in line with EU rules, citizens will still have to provide their fingerprints when applying for a passport so that they can be put on a chip in the passport. Donner also promised an investigation into the provision of information and decision-making surrounding the new passport."

Source: The Press, 28 April 2011.