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Privacy First annual report 2013

Privacy is the foundation of our democratic rule of law. However, of all human rights, the right to privacy is under the most pressure in the Netherlands. In early 2009, this observation prompted the foundation of Stichting Privacy First. Since then, maintaining and strengthening everyone's right to privacy has been Privacy First's daily mission. And with results: partly due to our efforts, large-scale privacy violations have been stopped or prevented in recent years, privacy awareness in Dutch society has increased and more and more privacy-friendly initiatives are being developed. Think, for example, of the abolition of central storage of fingerprints under the Passport Act, the introduction of a fingerprint-free ID card, mandatory Privacy Impact Assessments and privacy by design. In 2013, this positive turnaround continued, but there were also headwinds. In our annual report 2013pdf we will gladly explain this for you.