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Privacy in practice seminar

Privacy in practice seminar 

New privacy legislation translated to your organisation 

26 November 2015, Van der Valk Hotel Veenendaal 

Privacy protection needs to be raised to a higher level in the Netherlands.

Privacy First carries that message in lawsuits such as against the license plate parking and in our public campaigns. Increasingly, we challenge public and private sector executives and policymakers to make privacy the starting point of their plans and services.

That too is privacy by design!

Helping administrators make better choices is something we are doing on 26 November, for example, at Reed Business' privacy seminar. Privacy First chairman Bas Filippini takes part in the plenary debate 'Are we actually ready for privacy'? Privacy First Solutions project leader Martijn van der Veen challenges attendees to consider whether it is possible to design services in such a way that citizens' privacy interests actually come first.

For more information and to register for this (paid) event, visit the link below:


Why Privacy First contributes to this congress: Reed Business' congresses have a strong name in the market. Attendees of this congress are expected to be individuals from the public sector. A sector that touches deeply on people's privacy. And where there is a world to be won. Privacy First receives no compensation for its contribution and has no commercial interest in this congress.