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Radio 1, 2 November 2016: 'Privacy First wants to take state to court over license plate registration'

The Privacy First Foundation does not want the government to keep registered license plates for longer than 24 hours. Minister Van der Steur (Justice) plans to extend this period. Privacy First is considering going to court, privacy lawyer Vincent Böhre said in The Morning.

Tonight, the House of Representatives is debating license plate registration, which is also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

Roadside cameras constantly film license plates, but this data must now be deleted within 24 hours. Van der Steur wants to extend this deadline to four weeks. Tonight, a proposal by the VVD will also be discussed that even mentions six months.

Everyone suspicious

According to Böhre, the expansion of ANPR makes every motorist "a potential suspect". The government then actually stores your travel movements to make detection and prosecution easier, says Böhre. According to the lawyer, this violates privacy.

Accidentally signed

Going to court has been successful in the past on privacy issues, such as fingerprint retention.

Whether the VVD proposal for the extension to six months will make it is not clear. The PvdA initially backed the proposal, but its support has since been withdrawn. PvdA MP Astrid Oosenbrug informs The Morning that her signature was mistakenly under the proposal."

Source: , 2 November 2016. Click HERE for the full radio interview.