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Radio 2 (NCRV), 11 Jan 2011: interview on CCTV number plates

"Overhal they hang, they are now literally part of the street scene: cameras! In cities, at pin boxes and shops. But also along the motorway. And I am not talking about the devices that record speed, but the cameras that automatically record license plate data. At the moment, the police are only allowed limited use of these cameras. But Security and Justice Minister Opstelten wants to change that. He wants to store all recorded data for four weeks and use it to catch criminals. But is it an invasion of our privacy? After all, storing all that data to track down a few crooks? And what is the next step? Or do you have nothing to hide anyway? Hence our news question: will the Netherlands become safer if camera images can be kept longer? We asked Frederik Borgesius of SOLV Advocaten, Bas Filippini of Privacy First and PVV MP Hero Brinkman." (Source: website radio programme Kranenbarg junction (NCRV), Radio 2, Jan 11, 2011).

Listen HERE The radio interviews with Privacy First chairman Bas Filippini.