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Radio Rijnmond, 6 February 2015: interview with Privacy First lawyer on license plate parking

Motorists should refuse en masse to enter their license plate number for license plate parking, Privacy First Foundation believes. The foundation calls the new method of paid parking a form of invasion of privacy.

The court recently ruled that municipalities cannot force motorists to surrender their license plates. As long as they pay the parking fee, they are not liable to punishment. Payment can also be made using the receipts issued by the pay machines.

Privacy First lawyer Benito Boer is happy with the judge's ruling. According to him, it is not good to leave your license plate everywhere. That way, the government always has insight of where you have been, and you could, for example, be linked to criminal activities, the lawyer said.

Now, people who do not key in a license plate number on the parking meter are still fined. Because of the court ruling, they can now object to this. Privacy First's website has a standard objection form that people can use. The foundation hopes that if enough people do so, municipalities will switch to a different system."

Listen to the entire interview with Benito Boer below:


Source:, 6 February 2015.