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Regional newspapers, 11 November 2014: 'Tax authorities look into mileage'

The odometer readings that the RDW has been keeping on all cars since this year are inadvertently a new source of information for the Inland Revenue. The service has already requested odometer readings from the RDW in "several dozen" cases. This is mainly done to check the private use of leased and business cars, said a spokesperson for the Inland Revenue. "But we can in principle request data from the RDW for all car-related taxes." Thus, in case of doubt, the service could also check tax-free declared kilometres.

Reporting odometer readings has been mandatory since 1 January for all repairs over EUR 150. The system is intended to prevent fraud with meter readings. Last year, requests for parking data by the Tax Authorities caused a fuss because the privacy of motorists would be at stake. It was also revealed that the Tax Authority receives all images from KLPD cameras via a covenant. A court case on that issue is due next week. The service requested all data from KLPD and parking companies, and then selected the useful cases from them.

At the RDW, this is not happening as yet. There, the data have only been requested from individual motorists. Insurers can also see the odometer readings, but this is only allowed when settling claims after accidents, the RDW assures.

Since 1 October, car owners have been sent a letter at home if their car's odometer reading makes strange jumps. This happened 7,247 times until last week, reports an RDW spokeswoman. Seventy people then immediately asked for the data to be corrected. That number seems to be increasing in recent days, reports the RDW.

A lawsuit by advocacy group Privacy First against the mandatory introduction of license plates in parking meters in Amsterdam is due to be heard today in Amsterdam. In other municipalities, too, license plate parking is or will be compulsory because control can be carried out quickly with camera cars. However, entered license plates can also be claimed by the tax authorities. (...)"

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