Machine translations by Deepl

Identified OV-chipcard problems

Originating from the OV-chip complaint site.
Complaints reported include the following:

  • Broken equipment -> free travel (Amsterdam) or not being allowed to travel without a strippenkaart or cash.
  • Unable to check out when disembarking.
  • Far too few or absent charging points.
  • Far too few or absent readouts.
  • No transfer of travel from one carrier to another which could lead to double payment of travel.
  • Higher fare (Amsterdam +5%, Arnhem +22%).
  • Ride prices unknown in advance.
  • Randomisation of fare determination possible.
  • Anonymous travel hard to do.
  • No large purchase discounts are possible for anonymous travel.
  • Anonymous OV-chipcard is more expensive than regular card so anonymous travel is not an equivalent option.
  • NS discount cards not usable.
  • System that should cope with hundreds of thousands of passengers cannot. (Trans Link Systems at fault.)