Machine translations by Deepl, 11 March 2015: 'Telephone and internet data retention duty off the table'

"Telecom companies and internet service providers no longer have to store data on internet and phone usage. The law mandating the mass collection and storage of data on internet and telephone usage of citizens in the Netherlands has been set aside by a court in The Hague.

Among others, the Dutch Association of Journalists, the Dutch Association of Criminal Lawyers and privacy advocate Privacy First demanded in summary proceedings that the law be set aside.

The European Court of Justice ruled last year that storing communication data of anyone -without concrete suspicion- is a serious invasion of privacy and is not allowed. But then-Secretary of State Teeven did not want to repeal the law.

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The law had been established to support police and judiciary investigation. (...) The court's decision is a setback for the cabinet (...)."

Source:, 11 March 2015.